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Prints are all sent in tubes or special carton to kept safe. 
Customers must provide correct info such as address and name.

Tracking is ONLY available if purchased during the shipping otherwise it's standard shipping.
I recommend if shipped to the US or Australia to buy tracked shipping, or anytime really. I can not refund lost or damaged items in mail. (I will however try to help the best I can).

Shipping time

I will try to ship as soon as possible, but please allow 1-2 weeks for the order. Shipping time will differ depending on where to be shipped, 1-5 weeks. Longer to US, Australia, Mexico etc since I live in Sweden.

Special offers are usually active for 1 month, and therefore the prints available will not be shipped out until signed and it has ended.

Refund and exchanges

I can't refund lost items in the mail. Customers must provide correct info such as address and name. If the damage is done by me by sending wrong print(s) I will of course find a way to compensate. But if it is lost in the mail or damaged during this process you must turn to your local mail service. Please notify me and I will try to help out the best I can.